Month: November 2020

My Canexjamaica 2019 Experience, My Perspective

As an attorney entering into this New Economy, Canexjamaica, gave me an amazing insight as to how I can be Impactful, a Thought Leader, and a Changemakers in this industry. My attendance has given me the understanding that helping emerging entrepreneurs/markets with regulatory compliance, and quality assurance are needed.  It has given me the knowledge […]

CBD Certificates of Analysis (COA): What They are, Why They are Crucial to Protect Consumers, and the Gap They Fill With Cannabis Branding

One of the benefits of legalizing marijuana involves everything being regulated — supply chains, grow facilities, dispensaries, health and safety inspections, taxes, ensuring that minors cannot make illegal purchases, etc. At the moment, because the CBD market is not regulated, the only consumer protection available for CBD is proof of independent, third-party testing done by […]

The Green Rush In Jamaica: The New Economy Of Cannabis/Ganja

You may call it marijuana, cannabis, weed, Mary Jane, reefer, but in Jamaica, it is called “ganja.”  It’s the herb used for medication, meditation, and intoxication.  But whatever you call this herb, it is a herb with great medicinal benefits, and these benefits of ganja are creating this Global Green Rush. There is nothing new […]