My Canexjamaica 2019 Experience, My Perspective

As an attorney entering into this New Economy, Canexjamaica, gave me an amazing insight as to how I can be Impactful, a Thought Leader, and a Changemakers in this industry. My attendance has given me the understanding that helping emerging entrepreneurs/markets with regulatory compliance, and quality assurance are needed.  It has given me the knowledge that my effectiveness not only comes with being an attorney but a belief that as we head towards a multi-billion dollar industry, those stakeholders, power players including MCOs have social responsibilities to the citizens in developing Cannabis markets like Jamaica. A good steward means reinvesting back into those communities and helping reduce generational and multidimensional poverty.  

 Please understand that five to ten percent of a company’s gross revenue will make a substantial difference; from better roads, job training, and access to better schools and medical care. Moreover, establishing a Social Responsibility/Social Equity initiative within your company will ensure that the local citizens have the resources, skills, knowledge, training, and opportunity to work and to have equitable ownership(businesses) in this billion-dollar Cannabis Industry.

I genuinely believe that Jamaica has the strongest potential of being a strategic player in the global cannabis market.   The country has the pedigree already.  Ask the growers from Westmoreland-ORANGE HILL, BLUE MOUNTAINS, SAINT ANN PARISH, THE EVERGROW, THE EPICAN, AND THE ISLANDSTRAINS.  The Strain Hunters(Landraces) are always in Jamaica because of its unique indigenous strain of Sativa.   The fertile soil and the tropical climate of Jamaica are perfect conditions for cannabis cultivation, coupled with the fact that you have the legacy growers, the Rastafarians, and the Small Farmers.   

The Canexjamaica expo brought together some brilliant minds and Changemakers in this industry. The informative panel discussions with people like STEVEN DANGELO, DR. DARYL HUDSON, BRUCE LINTON, MICHELLE DUMAY, MARCUS RICHARDSON, ABI ROACH, DIANE SCOTT, ROZ MCCARTHY, HON SABOTO S. CAESAR were insightful. The up-close and personal break-out panels allowed attendees to tap into these great minds and have impactful dialogues as to how we all can co-involve in this new economy.   

In closing, thank you, founder MR. DOUGLAS GORDON and your CANEX team for organizing such a fantastic Expo. 

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” HENRY FORD.   See you in 2020.

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